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Smash TV - Noise & Girls (2013)
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06.06.13 23:00

Исполнитель: Smash TV
Название: Noise & Girls
Дата выпуска: 26.04.2013
Лейбл: Get Physical Music
Стиль: Deep House, Tech House, Electronic
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Размер архива: 204 Mb
Залито на: F-Bit
After burning the candle on both ends together for 3 consecutive years, Smash TV step in the arena to make a statement. Fresh from the barbershop and straight from the beauty salon, the two native Berliners took their drum machines, their classic synths and their guitar out on a strange 6 month date, and present you now all the babies of this steamy liaison under the family name "Noise & Girls". It's an album about the duality of life, the (at least) two sides to every story; its about 2 very different characters sharing the love for this musical niche. It's about trying to keep out of the mental asylum as long as possible, not as easy as it sounds if your job is the best invitation for a long term stay there. Emotion is a key element of the album, with every track conveying a different flavor, like 'Go feat Yoko Duo' projecting a sublime warmth, in contrast to the anxious hustle of 'Gaslamps'. From the opening track 'Licht', which takes a slower approach, giving a moment to get in the right mood, Smash TV take us on a ride, always with one foot on the pedal. Relying heavily on soulful grooves and melodic vibes, the album exposes various facets of the duo's style. From the bass driven thriller 'The Wake Up' to the very chilly title track 'Noise & Girls', Smash TV blends smooth vocals with even smoother synth lines. We are all very anxious as to what the future holds for Smash TV. If the past is any indicator, we can safely say they wont stop. Not for the early morning, not for age, not even for money they do it because they love it, and that shines every time they stand in front of a crowd or behind a synth


01. Go Feat. Yoko Duo
02. Whatever Feat. Cari Golden
03. Selling Dreams Feat. Mz Sunday Luv
04. When I
05. Rise
06. Licht
07. Noise & Girls
08. Gaslamps
09. The Sweat With Maher Daniel
10. Back To The 808
11. Sex, Drugs & Miami
12. The High Ones Die With Red Robin
13. The Wakeup
14. Most Valuable Prayer



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